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Semi-automatic cut-to-length machine for wide belts

  • Electro-pneumatic cutting bench for the rectilinear or wavy crush cut of wide abrasive belts, of any grit and support.
  • Rugged machine of easy use.
  • It cuts easily paper, cloth (cotton or polyester) and combined.
  • Quick switching from straight cut to wavy cut (or vice versa) by means of a revolving blade holding bar.
  • Cutting system by means of a moving pressure roller against a fixed straight or wavy blade, through a steel anvil (wear element).
  • Adjustable cut stroke.
  • Revolving blade holding bar, having square cross section, fitted with two (four, on request) blade holders, suitable for both straight and wavy blades.
  • Steel pressure roller Ø 100 mm
  • Manual material feeding and pulling to measure (measuring table available upon request).
  • Cutting angle: 45° ÷ 90°
  • Maximum cutting width at 90°: 2150 mm
  • Maximum cutting width at 45°: 1540 mm