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Skiving gluing lines

  • ACAB Srl provides a modular family of skiving gluing lines that covers the full range of abrasive belts manufacturing applications.
  • Both narrow and wide belts.
  • Any backing material (paper, cloth, combined, non-woven, film, etc.)
  • Any type of joint: overlap (with or without top-skiving), butt joint with splicing tape, special tape-on-top joints.
  • Maximum accuracy, efficiency and ease of use.
  • The most suitable skiving line will be tailored according to customer requirements.
  • Continuous conveyor lines.
  • Cup diamond wheel units for skiving of abrasive side.
  • Angled belt units for tapering and fraying of the edges.
  • Parallel belt units for thickness reduction and removal of dressing of backing side.
  • Clean & Strip brush unit (or wire brush unit, upon request) for dressing removal from backing side of cloth backing materials.
  • Twin-nozzle sandblaster unit available upon request, for efficient backing side scuffing of difficult heavy polyester cloth materials.
  • Reverse mounted diamond wheel unit for execution of top-skiving during scuffing of backing side.
  • Spray gun for accurate and precise application of adhesive.
  • Simple and quick spray gun automatic cleaning system, with solvent recovery.
  • High viscosity glue extruders available for extra glue application on non-woven belts.
  • Infrared glue drying system by quartz infrared emitters.
  • Automatic in-line splicing tape applicators, for both coated and/or uncoated tapes, can be integrated, upon request, into the skiving gluing line.