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Semi-automatic splicing tape applicator

  • The machine distributes and dries the adhesive on the splicing tape.
  • The splicing tape in then applied at the edge of the abrasive belt.
  • The machine cuts the splicing tape on the rim of the belt, returning it ready to assembling
  • Width of the splicing tape: 19 to 25 mm
  • Splicing angle: between + 45° and - 45°
  • Width of the abrasive belt to be worked: all (better is ≥ 75÷100 mm)
  • Gluing unit with centesimal regulation of the adhesive thickness.
  • Drying oven with adjustment of thermal power, with solvent vapours ventilation and aspiration.
  • Electronic control (PLC) of each function.
  • Automatic stop at the end of the splicing tape roll.