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Flaps cutting and stacking machine. Specialized for non-woven materials.

  • Machine for automatic cut-off and stacking of flaps for manufacturing of shaft-mounted or hollow abrasive flap wheels.
  • The machine can cut abrasive non-woven abrasive materials together with cotton backing abrasive cloth of any grain.
  • Shear cutting system guarantees low operating cost.
  • It can cut up to two layers contemporaneously (typically one non-woven material and one cotton cloth material interleaved).
  • Material feeding and cut control by means of two independent brushless motors grants high accuracy in flaps’ height control and high processing speed.
  • The flaps are cut and automatically stacked in the accumulation channel, in vertical position.
  • Very quick set-up time when changing size of flap.
  • Flap width (corresponding to material feeding pitch): 10 ÷ 50 mm
  • Flap height (corresponding to material rolls width): 25 ÷ 60 mm
  • Oversized rolls unwinders, designed for large diameter rolls of non-woven abrasives.
  • Electronically adjustable working speed, up to 600 ÷ 720 cuts/min.
  • Expected productivity: 1200 ÷ 1400 flaps/min (considering two layers of material and feeding pitch of 20 mm).