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Automatic cut-to-length machine for narrow belts

  • Highly productive cutting bench for abrasive belts of any length, grit and support.
  • It automatically performs the operations of putting to measure and cutting the pieces quantity set by the operator.
  • It easily cuts paper, cloth (cotton or polyester), combined or non-woven.
  • It contemporaneously cuts up to 3 belts (up to 5 with very fine and thin material).
  • Easy and quick blade replacement.
  • Both rectilinear and wavy blades can be set up.
  • Arranged for electrical and mechanical interfacing with downstream equipments (collection conveyors, long belts stacking, etc.)
  • Extremely versatile machine, also suitable for die-cutting of discs and special forms, sheets cutting, etc.
  • Maximum width of abrasive material roll: 500 mm (600 mm available upon request).
  • Adjustable acutting angle between +45° and -45° (for standard or reverse splice angle).
  • Pull-to-measure system by means of toothed belts conveyor, driven by high accuracy brushless motor.
  • Guillottine cutting system driven by pneumo-hydraulic unit.