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Static (hydraulic) presses for narrow belts

  • Static presses for joining narrow abrasive belts.
  • Especially suitable for very long (3.000 – 10.000 mm and longer) or very short abrasive belts.
  • These presses can process overlapped joints and butt joints equally well, on every material: paper, cloth, non-wovens, etc.
  • Steel integral structure.
  • Hydraulic drive with high capacity power unit.
  • Pressing equipment can be positioned at any angle, for easier handling of the abrasive belts.
  • Active safety system with automatic blocking in the presence of foreign matter between the pressing plates.
  • Heated intermediate working plate, with adjustable temperature.
  • Adjustable pressing time.
  • Electronic time and temperature controls with digital display.
  • Available in four different sizes, for maximum splice length of 310mm, 360mm, 450mm and 610mm respectively.