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Re-slitter for narrow abrasive belts.

  • Machine for slitting of joined abrasive belts.
  • It can slit any type of abrasive backing: paper, cloth (cotton or polyester) or combined of any grit and also non-wovens.
  • Machine uses knives-holding shafts, provided with quick-clamp system that permits a significant time saving when passing from a cutting width to another.
  • The machine can work both with standard circular knives with flat edge, for straight cut, and with special knives with wavy edge, for wavy cut.
  • The belts slitting is performed, with manual alignment and tensioning, by mean of a pedal control.
  • The machine can be supplied with a pneumatic tensioning device for narrow abrasive belts (ANC model) suitable for lengths from about 440 mm to 1600 mm.
  • The machine can also be supplied with a pneumatic tensioning device for abrasive belts up to 5, 8 or 10 metres long (respectively mod. ST/5, ST/8, ST/10).
  • Maximum width of the belt to be slit: 450 mm
  • Minimum length of the belt to be slit: 330 mm ca.
  • Electronically adjustable cutting speed: 0 ÷ 60 m/min
  • Pedal control for activation of cutting cycle.
  • Anvil shaft with interchangeable alloyed and tempered steel bushes, Ø 90 mm
  • In order to avoid cutting overlapping, that can damage the cut belts, especially in case of wavy cut, it is possible to set the belt length and to execute the cutting in one complete belt’s turn with automatic stop. In case of straight cut on heavy materials, it is possible to execute the cut in two complete belt’s turns.
  • Designed for standard HSS self-sharpening knives, Ø 76 × bore 40, thickness 0.7 mm or Ø 100 × bore 40, thickness 1.2 mm (others available on request).