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Laminator for abrasive master rolls.

  • Machine for the application of self-fasteners, like Velcro® or similar fabrics, on abrasive master rolls having maximum width of 650 mm.
  • The LAM-650-G also allows application of a layer of foam (sponge) on abrasive rolls.
  • Application is done by means of water based adhesives, vinyl, two components epoxy type or other, if the improvement of the heating resistance of the finished products is needed.
  • Compact and easy-to-use, the LAM-650-G is designed for converters making medium volume of self-fastening and multi-layer products (discs or other).
  • Being conceived for processing master rolls of limited width, the machine allows to recovery and to give value to scrap material, resulting from manufacturing of other abrasive products; for instance it is possible to re-use the waste rolls coming out of wide belts slitting.
  • The LAM-650-G applies the adhesive by means of a system consisting of a coating roller and of a dosing scraper, which allows the adjustment of the quantity of glue according to the different materials and applications.
  • Drying and curing of the laminated material is done by means of a highly efficient heating system, powered by Natural Gas or LPG, before rewinding.
  • Optionally, the machine can be fitted with accessories suitable for application of PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and of the relevant protection liner.
  • Machine can also be equipped with a printing system, for marking of basic material characteristics (e.g. abrasive grit size, batch number, etc.) on the laminated textile, by means of marking rubber roller and ink dosing device.
  • Maximum width of the roll on the upper unwinder (typically Velcro® or similar or foam): 700 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roll on the upper unwinder: 1000 mm ca.
  • Maximum width of the roll on the lower unwinder (typically abrasive material): 650 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roll on the lower unwinder: 800 mm ca.
  • Maximum diameter of the roll on the rewinder (laminated material): 1000 mm ca.
  • Gluing unit, with adjustable quantity of spread wet glue between 80 and 460 g/m2.
  • Drying unit, with thermal power control, powered by Natural Gas or LPG.
  • Electronically adjustable lamination speed.