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Automatic cutting-off machine for non-woven abrasive wheels.

  • Rugged machine for high accuracy cutting-off of wheels from cylinders (rolls or logs) made of non-woven abrasives.
  • The machine is suitable for cutting of logs made of radial mounted flaps or having convolute structure.
  • Cutting is done by means of a special electrodeposited diamond disc, rotating at high speed.
  • The disc assembly is mounted on a carriage travelling on chrome-plated steel linear guides along the machine.
  • The log to be processed is mounted on supporting shafts.
  • A motorized self-centring chuck drives the log at controlled rotation speed.
  • The machine can operate in full automatic or manual mode.
  • Possibility of adjustment of all the rotating and travelling speeds.
  • Suction hood designed for efficient dust removal.
  • Max diameter of the log: 350 ÷ 500 mm
  • Max length of the log: 1500 ÷ 2150 mm
  • Minimum width of the cut wheels: 20 mm