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Small bands and spiral bands cutter.

  • Machine suitable for cutting abrasive tubes, having straight or spiral joint.
  • Compact and easy to use, it grants very high productivity.
  • Machine uses knives-holding shafts, provided with quick-clamp system that permits a significant time saving when passing from a cutting width to another.
  • Each tube is completely cut into small bands in one single machine cycle.
  • Maximum length of the abrasive tube to be cut: 480 mm
  • The minimum width of the small bands to be cut is normally 12 mm. Possibility to produce at different widths can be evaluated upon request.
  • At each cycle, one abrasive tube is loaded on the supporting shaft, made of hardened steel.
  • When the two-hands buttons are pressed, the cycle is activated and the supporting shaft is automatically brought to the cutting system and it is pressed against the knives assembly by means of a pneumatic drive, at adjustable load.
  • The knives assembly is rotated at adjustable speed by means of an electric gearmotor.
  • The cutting time can be adjusted from the control panel: when the cutting time has elapsed, the supporting shaft automatically exits from the cutting system and the small bands can be manually discharged.
  • The supporting shaft and the knives assembly have to be replaced according to diameter and width of the bands to be cut. These set-up operations are easy and quick.
  • Diameter of the small bands / spiral bands: 12÷ 76 mm (1/2" ÷ 3")
  • Length of the small bands / spiral bands: 12 ÷ 76 mm (1/2" ÷ 3")