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Lap mop machine.

  • Semi automatic machine for assembling of “lap mops".
  • The machine can assemble lap mops consisting of 2, 4, 6 or 8 discs of non woven abrasive material interleaved with carton or leather washers.
  • The unit is designed for the following manufacturing cycle, managed by PLC:
    • manual preparation of the stack of abrasive discs interleaved with carton or leather washers,
    • activation of the cycle by means of pushbutton,
    • pneumatic pressing of the stack, to compress it and hold it in position,
    • automatic application of four nails placed at angular distance of 90° one from another.
Lap mop LM-1
  • Pneumatic nailer.
    • Diameter of the nail wire: 2,1 ÷ 2,5 mm
    • Diameter of the nail head: 4,8 ÷ 6,2 mm
    • Pitch (distance between the nails in the roll): 6,8 ÷ 8,0 mm
    • Length of the nails: 25 ÷ 55 mm
  • Rotation of the lap mop in 4 steps is executed by means of an electric gearmotor.
Lap mop LM-1